Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%20111.    Tell us something about yourself!

Stephen Keel of Kiosk Evangelism. My wife and I have raised 8 children. Hobby: raising children. We had to give up our Cessna 180 bush plane to buy diapers.

2.    How and why did you become involved with mobile ministry? 

My first employment was as a teacher in the bush of Alaska. I have remained interested in the welfare of remote people since then. Twelve years ago I started an international radio program called "A Proverb a Day." For many years I tried to identify the perfect media player for remote locations, thinking that I could use them to reach beyond the reach of broadcast radio. Three years ago, I realized that most of the world's population already owned a media player - their cell phone.

3.    What excites you about mobile ministry?

For the first time in the history of the world there can be global access to knowledge of God, especially among the 60% of the world's population that does not read or chooses to not read.

4.    What aspects of your background/training, books, websites, tools, etc. have been most helpful to you as you’ve moved forward in mobile ministry?

Google, Google and Google (i.e. web search). I have had to be self taught on nearly every step. Today I am researching international virtual SMS numbers so that media viewers can send us the product code of a media item they have received from us.

5.    What are some of the biggest obstacles to implementing effective mobile ministry?  For you/your ministry?  For the Christian world in general?

The USA has a large funding potential for mobile ministry. It is unfortunate that many of the decision makers cannot see that a movie or Bible delivered to a remote resident on their cell phone is more precious than a cool cup of water for a person wandering in the desert.

    What is one recommendation you could make that would help an individual or ministry be better able to move forward in mobile ministry?

Pass a Bible out in a closed country and watch the recipient cry tears of joy.

7.    What is one hard earned lesson in ministry you would want to pass on to others here?

The hardest thing to overcome is the fact that people say yes when they really mean no. Broken promises are hard to spend.

    What part of mobile ministry does the Church need to bring more effort and focus to?

Today, we are working on equipping short term missionaries with tools for cell phone evangelism. Many kids go to the mission field and receive a blessing, but with a library of digital content on a microSD card in the language of the people they are visiting, they can leave a priceless gift that will be carried around in the hands and and then the hearts of the recipients. The recipient will handle the words of life long after the short term missionary places an audio bible on their cell phone. It will will go from there into their hearts. Look for the "Empowering Short Term Missionaries" video in the Kiosk Evangelism Training Video Play List  

    What aspect of mobile is overrated in your mind?  Why?

I am not so interested in using mobile to "connect with the culture" as I am in having them connect with the living God. I believe that there is a certain amount of hype that needs to be covered with prayer.

10.  Is there anyone else you’d like to see interviewed regarding mobile ministry?


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