Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%204Some big things happening in the mobile technology and mobile ministry world and I don't want to keep stacking items away for later publication so let's shoot:

1)  Google is Going Gaga Getting into the Mobile Phone Hardware Business!!!

When you invest 12.5 BILLION dollars and buy Motorola Mobility (ever heard of the Motorola Droid by chance?) you definitely have something big in mind.  Just like Apple owns its own mobile OS and phone hardware, the iPhone, and seeing how Nokia and Microsoft have been cozying up of late it looks like Google may feel that its interests are best served by being its own fully integrated, perhaps even closed-source, end-to-end mobile phone provider.  This may have HUGE repercussions in the smartphone market (think HTC, Samsung, LG, and others who have been piggybacking on Google's Android OS' success).  Check out more at BOMBSHELL:  Google Buying Handset Maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion.

2)  Easy Do-It-Yourself Mobile Bible Video Creation Is Now Possible with the Release of 3000 Open Source Bible Illustrations!

How many of you out there are master illustrators?  Film directors?  Digital artists?  I'm not seeing too many hands raised.  Few of us, without those credentials, would dare to create our own evangelistic or discipleship mobile videos but with the recent release of 3000 Bible illustrations for free use any of us who can digitally record the voice of someone reading a Bible story (in whatever language we're seeking to reach) can now create their own videos with a little help from software like PowerPoint 2010 or freeware like PhotoStory 3.  Check out more about this wonderful new development that was spearheaded by Distant Shores Media and go ahead and give it a shot and make some ministry media for God's Glory!

3)  The Kiosk Evangelism Project- Moving Ahead by Leaps and Bounds

Several individuals and ministries involved with mobile ministry have been working together to launch Kiosk Evangelism and it's wonderful to see the new products and videos that are being released almost weekly.  This is a project to get VERY excited about so make sure you visit their website and see how you can take part in this exciting new venture.

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