How-To #7: Obtaining Video for Mobile Ministry

rev. 1.2 (7/15/12)


Are you looking for video clips for mobile ministry? If so, you have several options for obtaining useful videos:

1)  Check out whatever outreach videos you or your ministry acquaintances already have available on VCDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, computer files, etc.  Don't worry about segmenting (breaking longer videos into smaller clips suitable for mobiles) or formatting issues, we’ll address those issues in upcoming how-to's.  Tools to help you digitize VHS tapes, etc. are listed in How-To #2

2)  Watch, and get copies of the videos people in your host culture are already watching on their phones. This can help in several ways:

a. You'll get a better sense of what people like and are interested in. This will help you as you look for, or create your own, outreach media. You can also learn a lot about a people by examining what media they choose to watch and have on their phones.

b. You may discover some videos that they are already watching that can be used redemptively

c. You will learn how to transfer video between phones via Bluetooth

d. You and your contacts will become used to watching and sharing media with each other, making it much more natural when you start sharing ministry videos with them.

e. The amount of local media on your phone will obscure and reduce the impact of having ministry media on your phone should authorities take an interest in what you’re doing and examine your phone.


3)  There's an app for that.  Here are some apps that can help you get Christian video content in various languages onto your phone (arranged alphabetically):

a.  GM28 (iOS)

b.  JESUS Film Media (Android, iOS)

c.  Joshua Project Languages (Android, iOS)

d.  Kolo Africa (Android, iOS)

e.  YesHeIs (Android, iOS)

f.  YouVersion Bible (Android, iOS)

4)  Check with existing media ministries (note that you will need to contact and gain permission from ministries whose materials you want to alter in any way such as by segmenting or adding follow-up information, to comply with copyright law). Potential media ministries include:

a.  The Jesus Film Project (the contact for getting permission to use the Jesus Film with mobile ministry modifications is Christina Marquis- Christina.Marquis at

b.  Create International/Indigitech

c.  yesHeis

d.  The Hope

e.  The Global Short Film Network

f.   Worship House Media

g.  Christian Broadcasting Network- Global Reach

h.  WingClips

i.   World Language Movies 

j.   An extensive listing of Christian video content providers can be found at The Visual Story Network Wiki's Content page 


4)  Check out YouTube and other video hosting sites for Christian or secular videos that could be used redemptively among your people group. Video without speaking/narration is helpful in non-English speaking settings. Humorous videos that address common aspects of the human condition can act as a springboard to deeper discussion.

Downloading video from the internet can be accomplished using any of the following programs:    

a.  Miro

b.  Applian Freecorder

c.  Real RealPlayer

d.  DownThemAll (add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser)

e.  Orbit Downloader


5)  If you’re still lacking quality media, have an idea for a video you wish someone would produce, or know of a particular redemptive analogy in your host culture, you should consider making your own media! See the previous how-to’s for pointers on Producing Great Video, Mobile Video Production, and Shooting Good Video with a Mobile Phone.

If you're not sure that you are up to doing the video yourself we know of ministries in both closed and open access countries who have used anything from video production students at local universities to nationally recognized professional actors and studios in-country to create outreach video and you can do the same!

I can also
recommend 10X Productions, International Media Ministries and GEMStone Media for your video consulting/production needs!  

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