Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%201A couple things came together over these last few weeks to lead to this entry.

First, an article I was asked to prepare for the Orality Journal, a publication of the International Orality Network (ION), was made available online.  This article, Mobilizing the Story of His Glory (begins on page 15 of the PDF link), shares about mobile ministry in the context of a primarily oral world.  What does a "primarily oral world" mean?  Let me share some insights from the ION website:

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This is just a quick update to let you know that I've already had to update a couple of the "top picks" that I shared in the recent Pump Up Your Mobile Media Ministry portable speakers review so make sure to head over there and check out the new picks. I've also just put in an order in for the Sykik Box speaker and hope to have a review of that finished within the next week too (for a total of 17 speakers reviewed).

For a heads up, I've got six pocket size external batteries, four solar chargers, and two hand crank chargers all sitting here in the office awaiting upcoming comparative reviews on Pocket Battery Packs, High Capacity External Battery Packs (7 models on tap), Solar Chargers (10+ models), and Human Power battery chargers (4+ models).

Have a great weekend!
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Mobile%20Pic %20SEAsia%201What’s the weak link when it comes to mobile media ministry? When it comes to actually showing mobile media, the weak link is your mobile device’s speaker. Unfortunately, most phone speakers are very weak and far too many tablets have underpowered speakers that, even worse, are positioned facing away from the viewer. When you are showing someone a ministry video with one of these devices and you add in city traffic, crying babies and other common distractions, the person viewing it oftentimes will have to choose between listening to the audio with the mobile device next to their ear or watching the video without being able to fully hear and understand what is going on. While any old set of headphones can help this situation when sharing with an individual, finding a good solution for sharing media to more than one individual poses a bit greater of a challenge.

With that in mind, I set out to examine the state the portable speaker market in order to find solutions that ensure that viewers get to fully experience and be immersed in the outreach media we share.

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Just a quickee here to point you over to the Mobile Ministry Forum website where the 2013 MMF Consultation page has just gone live. There is an early bird registration rate of $200 until September 25th so get on the ball to save a few buckaroos.

Look forward to seeing you in Orlando in December!
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