Mobile%20Pic %20Phones%201The first thing I get asked by anyone seriously considering getting involved in mobile ministry is “What kind of phone should I get?”  I address that question in Mobile Ministry Guide #1- Choosing the Right Mobile Phone the first of a series of mobile ministry guides that can be found in the How-To section of the Mobile Advance website.Coming guides will include:

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Jesus On Cell PhoneMobile Advance's mission and vision is connecting the unreached with the good news and church of Jesus Christ through the device that connects them with the world- the mobile phone. At this website you will find: 

-  Resources to help you to get started and advance in mobile phone empowered ministry

-  Research, reviews, case studies and strategy papers that will help you and the Church to advance into new, more powerful realms of mobile phone outreach

-  A community of like-minded “world Christians” who are using the mobile phone to help bring the gospel to their neighbors and friends.  Some of these people have faced the same issues you are facing and have answers you need.  Others may be facing barriers you can help them overcome.

The following video gives a brief introduction to the power and potential of mobile ministry

For the back story on how Mobile Advance came to be check out The Little Phone That Could
(an article in the International Journal of Frontier Missiology) and/or Heartbreak & Hope (a blog post on this site).

Mobile Advance is a ministry of WEC International

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Check back here regularly for additional blog entries about mobile ministry.