Mobile%20Pic %20Phone%20StoresApps (Games, QR Codes & Social Media are in their own categories)

Mobile application uptake yet be truly popular and a global reality (make sure to enjoy the brief video at the top of the article!)

JSON Over SMS and Other Cool Stories from the Mobile World (overly optimistic/simplistic view of smartphone uptake in the developing world but interesting take on how their use may look once they are taken up there)

7 Things You Should Know About Mobile App Development

11 Frameworks for Web and Mobile App Developers

Cross Platform Mobile App Creator OpenPlug Drops All Fees

Appsbar Lets Anyone Make Free iOS and Android Apps for Free    

Sencha Developers Conference Presentations (halfway down page under “Sessions”)

Getting Started with jQuery Mobile (Adobe)

jQuery Mobile Training Videos (

Microsoft Helps iOS App Devs Do Windows Phone with API Tool

How Apps Stay on Top in the App Store

10 Tips For Designing mLearning And Support Apps



Design & Innovation

Innovation as a Means of Grace


Developing Design Principles



Game Closure Launches HTML5 Based Cross-Platform Game Technology

GitHub Game Engines (primarily HTML5 Based)



Flexible phone made from electronic paper to debut

Would You Pay Over 800 a Month for Internet? (Wonderful, detailed look at the intersection of mobile and the lives of people in the emerging world)

The Dollar a Week “Mobile Challenge” (Scroll down and start reading after the bold “So, it got me thinking… I wonder what the equivalent challenge might be in the mobiles-for-development sector?")

Whats Happenin' in Mobile Marketing? MMA Forum Asia Review- The Most Astonishing Event Ever (title given by Tomi Ahonen so believe it)      

Teething Problems: Hurdles for Mobile Marketing

My Mobile Desiderata from Breaking Development (wow, lots of great little nuggets here)

Visa Unveils Mobile Payment Best Practices Guidelines

Cell Phone Screen Resolution, Sorted by Brand and Model


Mobile for Good (Health, Education, Activism, Etc.)

Mobile Health: Why Should it Just Be for the Rich People with Expensive Smartphones? (The same thinking and observations need to be applied to the Gospel so that it isn’t only made available to rich people with expensive smartphones)

Mobiles for Learning in Africa... Too Good to be True? (video of top mobile learning expert, 45 min)

M4D - Mobile (cellular) phones for/and development (Links to 360+ papers on the use of mobile in development work)

NETRA: Diagnosing Vision Disorders with a $2 Attachment to a Mobile Phone


Mobile Ministry

Internet Evangelism Day and the Majority World

The Key to Victory for Christian Media Warriors

Richard Kang :: Cultivate 11 (Notes from Cultivate  conference presentation)

The Stories of the Bible in Every Language

Mobile Web

Introduction to W3C Mobile Web and Application Best Practices (Online course starting in June)

Native is Easy Web is Essential (make sure to check out his other presentations while at SlideShare)

A User Centered Approach to Web Design for Mobile Devices

Lessons from Mobile Web Design

Audio: Designing Mobile Web Experiences (Podcast, 29 min)

Going Mobile with a Web-Based Strategy

State of Mobile Web Development 2011


Operating Systems

Android Market Share 35%, Windows Phone 2.5%

Nokia CEO Talks Windows Phones, Tablets, Android Threat

Top Mobile Devices in Africa- Guess Which One Leads


QR Codes & Near Field Communications

New Trends in the World of Mobile Technology



Keep Your Enemy Close, Your Mobile Closer

Functions or Security: You Have a Choice



Launching SMSsync: An Android Phone as SMS Gateway

Listen to Your Data: Lessons from a Multilingual Text Message Campaign

21st Century SMS

Tips for Choosing a Vendor to Power Text Messaging Services for Your Advertisers

Social Media

Africa’s Facebook Explosion- User Numbers Double in Many Countries in Just Seven Months 

New Data: 33% of Facebook Posting is Mobile



Digital Mobile and Social Media in India


Video/Multimedia/Augmented Reality

The Telenovela Goes Mobile

From Hi-Fi to Lo-Fi: Sharing Digital Born Stories in the Developing World

Get Real Augmented Reality Apps

Tools for Developing Augmented Reality Applications

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