Mobile%20Pic %20Africa%202I had the privilege of attending the Visual Story Network Conference in April and presenting about mobile in relation to missions media and wanted to share a key personal takeaway I had from that time so I’ve created the presentation below: 


So, you're telling me that missionaries and local believers now have the capability to produce their own media?  Using a mobile phone no less?"

YES!!!  That's exactly what I'm saying!  Not only is the mobile phone the the most widespread screen available for sharing media it is also the most widespread device available to the church for producing media! 

But you can't really expect me to believe that decent media can be produced using a mobile phone!

Seeing is believing:

The Commuter
(7.5 min)

Amazingly, that video was filmed entirely with Nokia N8 mobile phones!  Here's another:

Dragonfly Love
(3.5 min)

And, for all you iPhone lovers out there, here's one that was both filmed and edited on an iPhone4 including behind the scenes material on how it was filmed:

Apple of My Eye
(5 min)

Here's what Blake Whitman, VP of Creative Development at Vimeo has to say about mobile filmmaking:

If you want to check out other award winning videos made by or for mobile phones check out:

Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival Award Winners

International Festival of Cell Phone Cinema Award Winners

Brighthand Mobile Film Festival Award Winners

Keep checking back with Mobile Advance over the next few weeks as I hope to be able to provide some materials that will help empower local believers and missionaries to become mobile media moguls, mavericks and mavens for the glory of God!

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