Mobile%20Pic %20EAsia%201My pick of the top mobile articles from the web in the last week

The power of the mobile whether in an individual’s personal life, a corporation’s IT life or in the quest to bring development to the emerging world is highlighted in the first three posts this weeks:

1) The Intimacy of the Cell Phone (thanks for the pointer Brad)

2) Mobile in the Enterprise Changes Everything

3) Not Just Talk: Clever services on cheap mobile phones make a powerful combination—especially in poor countries

4) Mobile ministry isn’t just about getting the gospel message out to unreached people, it’s about bringing "unconnected" people into relationship with Jesus and the Church, His people. The Choice Architecture of Permission Mobile Marketing is an interesting article giving a mobile marketing take on how to keep relationship primary in your every mobile move.

5) Mobile Advance exists because God’s glory isn’t known among the unreached peoples who mainly reside in the impoverished areas of the developing world. When we discuss mobile ministry as a way to reach these people we’re not talking ministry via/to iPhones but rather ministry via/to “dumbphones”.  Saying No to Smartphones: Most Mobile Users Will Buy New 'Dumb' Phones shows you that mobile outreach, whether in the U.S. or in the backwaters of the developing world, needs to keep “dumb phones” front and center because those are the phones people have and will continue to have and use for years to come.

Keeping “dumb phone” capabilities front and center, SMS texting is a key avenue waiting to be leveraged.

6) Global SMS Traffic to Reach 8.7 Trillion in 2015 is one of the best introductory documents to help you or others see the value and power of SMS as you consider mobile ministry

7) Shorthand brings (some of) the Internet to Phones, No Data Plan Required highlights a new app that leverages the power and ubiquity of SMS to bring the web to “dumb phones”

8) Sudan Radio Service Solicits Feedback via Text Messaging shows how radio outreach can benefit by combining their one-way broadcasting with two-way SMS interaction. Anyone interested in developing interactive two-way conversations with their target population should check out this innovative project.


Dumb phones can also do basic web browsing which is the focus of the next couple articles:
9) Did you realize that Mobile Web Traffic Doubles in 2010?  That Mobile Web Surfers Visit 24 Sites Per Day and that the vast majority of the sites visited are to traditional websites and not mobile specific sites while the Top 50 websites constitute only about 40% of all visits?

10) Ways to ensure your web outreach is accessible to your mobile audience can be found in Engage Your Mobile Audience With Links That Work for Them


A)  Ever thought about reverse engineering Jihadist communications, training and indoctrination techniques and putting them to use for the getting the gospel out of peace and building people up in their faith?  Entering a New Dimension- Jihad via Bluetooh (Part 1) will give you some insight into what Al Qaeda is doing with the mobile and it's up to us to take their materials and do them one better for Jesus, the Prince of Peace.  As a side note, things in mobile don't always work out the way we would hope.  I don't think this was quite how this Jihadist was hoping to ring in the New Year- Would Be Suicide Bomber Killed by Unexpected SMS from Mobile Carrier

B)  The International Bulletin of Missionary Research is a scholarly resource on world missions whose January edition always carries the most up-to-date stats you can find anywhere on the status of world missions.  I highly commend to you registering at their site and accessing the following articles Christianity 2011: Martyrs and the Resurgence of Religion and A Current Snapshot of North American Protestant Missions

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