Mobile%20Pic %20CAsia%201Thousands of article headlines perused.  Hundreds of articles briefly scanned.  A hundred plus saved and poured over more intently.  Twenty articles shortlisted.  Ten article of particular relevance and import to mobile ministry to share with you here:

1)  eMinister is a great ministry blogsite and, even better, mobile ministry is on their radar and they've got a wonderful posting on Starting a Mobile Ministry

2)  Following on the theme of "a job well begun is halfway done" check out Implementing a Mobile Learning Solution? Think Ahead!

3)  Rapid prototyping new mobile outreaches and pilot testing them is important to ensure we develop truly effective outreaches so check out 7 Steps to Initiate a Mobile Learning Pilot Program and consider how to initiate a mobile ministry pilot project in the near future.

4)  If you're interested in getting down to business and trying out an SMS outreach right here right now give the following a try- Mobile Activity Creating an Opportunity for Gospel Intersections

5)  We've been doing our homework trying to round up the best and the brightest in the world when it comes to using mobiles in health, development, education, marketing, etc. so check out our list of Top Mobile Players

The question of where to put your time and energy when it comes to digging into mobile ministry is a question I know most readers at Mobile Advance deal with.  Apps, iPhones, QR Codes, etc. are all being sold to us as the solution to our every problem.  These next couple entries take a comparative look at some of the opportunities available for mobile outreach and give us their thoughts on which mobile functions rule and which ones drool (in the context of mobile marketing)

6)  Hype Versus Reality in Mobile

7)  Burning to Be the Brand in Their Hand

8)  The deeper we get into mobile outreach the more likely it is that we're going to have to start pow-wowing with mobile operators (think AT&T, Verizon, Safaricom, Zain, Orange...) in order to get our outreaches implemented on their networks.  Knowing that, the nice folks at have been so kind as to put together Top Ten Tips for Working with Operators (Part 1 and Part 2)

9)  Additionally, we may someday find ourselves needing to work with a Mobile Advertising Network so a handy reference guide for them is the mobiThinking Guide to Mobile Advertising Networks

10)  Having shared last week about Nokia's quick free and easy way to turn websites into Symbian compatible apps I figure I should give AppsGeyser a shout out too as it seems to be offering the same quick and free and easy approach to turning your website into an app- this time a Google Android compatible app.  Note that although it is functioning AppsGeyser is still in its Beta phase of development.

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