Mobile%20Pic %20MEast%205I’ve recently discovered that journalism is facing a crisis in “readership” which threatens its very existence. In response to this threat journalists are searching for ways to regain relevance in the changing technological landscape of the 21st century. Journalism 2.0 is one way the industry is hoping it can regain its relevance. Journalism 2.0 seeks to take the new interactive digital world of blogs, Twitter updates, mobile phone videos, etc. and leverage them for the industry’s benefit rather than bemoan and fight the fact that they have, until now, reduced news media’s influence. The Church, too, is facing the issue of how it can retain a voice “on the street” in this new age of digital connectivity. What do journalism and Christian ministry hold in common? Both have news to share and a story to tell. Both want to get that story heard.


As I have “listened in” to the online conversation going on about journalism’s current woes and its attempts to recreate itself via Journalism 2.0 I have become more and more convinced that the church has a lot to gain from listening in on the conversation. How could Journalism 2.0 empower our mission to the unreached-


If you were in any way inspired by the above video make sure to check in on the Journalism 2.0 conversation via the websites found in the new Mobile Journalism/Journalism 2.0 Web Links page in the Resources section. I look forward to hearing back from you with your thoughts and comments on which of the dilemmas, answers, theories, techniques and tools of Journalism 2.0 have particular relevance and potential impact in connecting the “unconnected” with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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