Mobile%20Pic %20SAsia%203While Mobile Advance does not advocate the use of apps as the primary element of a mobile ministry strategy, apps are and will continue to grow as an important aspect to consider in a mobile ministry strategy. Finding ways to make ministry apps development and maintenance financially feasible for a ministry is a relevant topic and LeadBolt, a mobile marketing agency, advocates an approach that is worth your consideration which is why I am including an article written by their staff here. Mobile Advance did not receive any benefit financial or otherwise from publishing this article and does not specifically endorse LeadBolt.

Thanks to mobile devices and apps, ministries now have new ways to reach people to talk about the gospel of Christ. Setting up a mobile application for a ministry can range from easy to difficult depending on the type of app and other considerations, but one problem some people have after developing the mobile app is paying to keep it going. 

From updating code to changing features to having the technology necessary to deploy, a lot goes into maintaining a mobile ministry. The good news is that there are ways to defray the costs a little. We are going to look at some of the ways mobile ministries may be able to make a little money to help pay for even more spreading of the gospel via mobile devices.

In-App Advertising Can Help

One of the main ways a ministry can get a little assistance with the cost of developing and deploying a mobile app is what is called in-app advertising. Here are some of the main points you need to think about before you add this to your mobile strategy. 

  • Non-Intrusive - The first consideration you should make is where you are going to place the ads. You want to ensure that they are not intrusive in any way and do not detract from the message trying to be spread via the application. This is easy to do if you spend a little time thinking about it before you place the ads in your app.
  • Easy to Implement - Additionally, you want to make sure you have an easy way to sell the advertising spots you make available in your application. This can be difficult and time consuming if you do it on your own, but there are companies that can help with the process of selling advertising space within your app.


Mobile Ad Networks

One way that many people get help with mobile advertising is by working with a mobile ad network. This is a company that acts as a go between for mobile developers and advertisers who want to reach an audience using mobile devices. They work to connect publishers with advertisers willing to pay to include a small advertisement within the application. 

You want to make sure you balance the visibility and frequency of advertisements within your application with the ability to get your message out to the people. This may take a little experimenting, but once in-app advertising is integrated into your overall mobile strategy, it can be an easy way to help defray the costs of an online ministry and may allow it to grow. 

BIO: This post was prepared by the marketing team at LeadBolt [], a leading mobile ad network.

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